I am currently designing the Digital Evidence Management system for the demands of modern policing and law enforcement at Axon

I'm Lâm [læm]; I'm a versatile designer based in Ho Chi Minh City. I'm obsessed with the Growth Design mindset and have just opened a training program for other designers in Vietnam. I've also started practicing more sports recently, with running, boxing, and tennis.

My Running Personal record in 10km is 58 minutes 38 seconds and 21km is 2 hours 33 mins 26 secs

How I got here

In the first five years of my career, I have worked in various roles. With a background in Computer Science, I worked as a Front-end Engineer, Web developer, and UI UX Designer. Started a company, closed it. Worked as a Sound designer and game Music Producer (checkout the music I made), then stopped in 2014.

I then joined Lazada, one of the biggest E-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. I was responsible for many significant features and took care of the Catalog, Product Page, and Checkout Vertical. I met many great folks here, working directly with Paul and Jon in the team of 14 designers.

Since Alibaba acquired Lazada for 4 billion USD, I have decided to move on and became the Lead experience designer at Aleph, a creative technology studio from Singapore. I worked with banks and financial giants such as Standard Charter, Vietinbank, VP Bank, Prudential Finance, etc. With an outstanding mentorship from Poon, I have learned more about design.

I left Aleph in mid-2018 and led the design team at Zalo, the 100m+ user social app in Vietnam. I have helped build a DesignOps culture, establishing the process of creating a Design-driven organization.

In 2019, I joined BAEMIN Vietnam, a joint-venture between Woowa Brothers Korea and Delivery Hero, in a mission of delivering food and building a lifestyle platform for Vietnamese users. I led and grown a team of 12 members including Product Designers, UX researchers, UX Writer to build one of the most user-friendly and lovable product in the market.


Besides work, I put a lot of effort into building the first community of UX practitioners in Vietnam. I've been the founding member of the UX Vietnam Community → since 2018, hosted the first international UX event in Vietnam. It has created great awareness and attention for the young UX practitioners of Vietnam and the region. This success was a big thanks to all the friends and speakers: Zoey, Aldrich, Chris, Hieu, Wendy, Randy, and Khoi Vinh.

Recently, I started running a new podcast called Design Stories for UXVN, where I interviewed many Vietnamese designers about the stories in design.

Other stuff

I did have some writings on Medium/@thailam sometime ago, primarily written in English.
Before the COVID pandemic, I traveled a lot and loved challenging myself with many activities. I wrote some of my experiences here.

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