Prudentail Finance - Personal Assistant Concept to ease the mind of Customer


My role

Lead Product Design, UI Design, UX Design



The project

Prudential Finance offers an application to help their customers keep track of the loans. The current app is considered to be hard to use and not helping users much in terms of managing the loan payments and keeping track of the whole process.

Our team has been asked to redesign the app to improve the Customer satisfaction and the User experience overall

The approach

Understand how did user really feel

First things we did were to ask how did user think about the current app. What we found were that users always felt that Finance apps are boring, hard to understand, and not friendly to them. It was either too "machine" or too "smart" for them

The current design

It was not that bad in terms of User interface, but just like any other finance products, it was still lacking of something that we didn't know yet

The concept

I took a step back and worked on the concept again. Sometimes, design starts from a concept, but still roots from the user needs. I came up with the idea of "a personal assistant that helps customer to manage their loan more easily"

A personal assistant is not just a machine, but need to act more like a human. Instead of showing the amount of loan left, the numbers, digits, a personal assistant will automatically remind or says exactly what need to be prepared for next month payment..

The experience will be consistent throughout the journey, from registration to loan management.

A conversational personal assistant