Reduce order cancellation rate at Order due to wrong delivery location


We aim to provide better experience by reduce the rate of correcting the delivery location address

My role

User experience, User Interface, Heuristic Review, User Research




Many users canceled the order (more than 30%) because the delivery address was wrong at checkout. When we saw the data, we quickly ran a user research to find out why users set the wrong delivery address, and mostly because of 2 reasons:

  • Users that turned off GPS access, had set the default delivery address to their home but were at their office when they made the order (or vice versa).
  • Users explored the food and were ready to make an order but then closed the app – address saved at this location; users then moved to another location and continued placing the order; the location was wrong at this point
Cancellation rate

Our objectives

Define a solution to help users aware of their current location and their delivery address, in order to reduce the cancellation rate due to wrong address. We aim to drop it to under 15% (compared to more than 30% at the moment)

Heuristic review of the current design

Currently, we design the address at the checkout step with a very big text, intending to capture their attention, and we assumed that users would notice the big “Friendship Tower” as their current address and would know that the delivery address may be wrong

But users wouldn't see that address

Cognitively, users never pay attention to that detail; they assume their addresses were always correct at their desired location. At this step, most users only care about the other more important information such as: order details, price, promotion, etc.

The solutions

There were many solutions that we ideated. But tt takes time to solve all the issues. We decided to solve problems that occur at the most crucial moments first.

If we can prevent users from placing the order at the wrong address, it can help to reduce the frustration of canceling the order afterward.

Most cases for this issue are when users are at a different location than the delivery address in the app. We'll try to detect their physical location and compare the distance with the address (only works for users who allowed GPS access).

If the distance exceeds 500 meters, we will display a small note on the screen. If users still press the Order button, we then show a popup to confirm if that is correct. Here are the designs

The results

After releasing this feature, we tracked the data again and as you can see in the chart below, the percentage of order cancellation drops to somewhere around 10 to 18 percent of total orders. We were happy with this results and would then continue to improve other issues as mentioned above.

Order cancellation rate drops to under 20%