Redesign the Registration and Onboarding flow of BAEMIN to reduce drop rate


Using Heuristic review and Competitor analysis to resolve a problem at BAEMIN registration and onboarding flow

My role

Product Design, UX, UI, User Research, IA




We are tracking the current onboarding and registration for new BAEMIN Users, we found out that there was a drop off of about 10% users at the first screen, which means after installing the app, users open app, see the first screen and then quit app.


We take a closer look at the first landing screen where users drops. Our current design does not show a clear CTA or what we offer (the Tittle text does not say clearly what we have, it is said in the smaller text and users may not read this).

The first screen also have quite many elements that may confuse users as well

Conversion rate

Overall conversion rate from installed app to finish setting up an account is not high: only 60% to under 70% of users completed the onboarding and registration flow

Returning Users

For returning users who forgot their password, the forgot password recovery flow is not good, with around 25% users could not reset their password and quit using BAEMIN afterwards.

Other problems

The current UI of registration steps are considered to be low contrast and hard to read

Objectives and Goals

What we want to achieve:

  1. To improve the usability and heuristic of the current UI design
  2. To reduce (or remove) the drop rate at the first step. We want user to proceed to registration instead of dropping at the first screen
  3. Maintain the current Conversion rate for Registration Successfully as one of the success metric

Key metrics:

  1. One way to track the experience of users after improve the UI is using the CSAT survey
  2. Reduce drop rates from 10 to 7%
  3. Maintain the Conversion rate for Registration Successfully around 70%

Competitive analysis

When looking at BAEMIN previous onboarding flow, there were 2 parts: the onboarding and the registration.

Where as the onboarding we tried to ask for user permission for Location and Notification, and not just asking, we also explain to users why we need these permissions**.**

Then for the registration, we let users go through the Phone number, OTP verification, Name, Set Password, Email and one additional step for App tracking permission for iOS. Finally users would land on the homescreen.

Apps that are operating in Vietnam:


Gofood (Gojek)

Most apps in Vietnam don't explain why they need the permission, and most of the time the way they asked for it is intruding by using popups.

So how about apps that are not operating in Vietnam?


We can clearly see that apps that are operating outside of Vietnam have the different approach: they tend to be more patient in explaining and welcoming users first open their apps.

The new BAEMIN Onboading flow design

The previous flow of BAEMIN was following some practices from other apps that are not operating in Vietnam (took more steps to explain the needs for location and notification access). However, most users in Vietnam are well trained and familiar with the experience of other apss (Now, Grab, Gojek). BAEMIN should change this practice.

Reverting the flow

Instead of asking for permission, BAEMIN should let user do the registration first

Also, the Visual and UI of this registration flow is redesigned with white background and more contrast

Then we ask for the needed permission as before

I decided to change the brand mint background, even though it is the brand color, but in registration, we need the design to be clear and easy to navigate. Additionally, white and small text on mint background is low contrast and hard to read as well

Results for first phase

To better tracking the results, we slowly roll out the new design:

  • only 1 week for iOS
  • slowly release by 10%, 30%, 50% and 100% each week for Android

Our Achievement

Key metrics

Registration Successfully Conversion Rate: 70% to 78%

Quit app after first screen: From 10% drop rate to ~5% drop rate

Improve Password Recovery metrics by reducing drop rate: From 25% to 10%

Other achievements

We got more users signed up +20% new users comparing to previous version

Remaining issues

More users dropped when they were asked for email in the iphone, comparing to android → We need to consider removing email step

More users denied location permission in iOS than before → need more in depth review, or research

See the full Prototype here